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In April 2014, Civet Logisitic, an indirectly non-wholly owned subsidiary of CKSG, signed an agreement to acquire the builidngs with resepective land use rights of the land and the ancillary structures and facilities on the land from Civet Container for a consideration of 159.4 million. The acquisition would strengthen the future handling and warehousing capability of Civet Port.
In June 2013, CKSG succeeded to place 180 million warrants to nine independent placees, which was another break through of capital marketing.
In June 2012, the company officially changed her name to Chu Kong Shipping Enterprises (Group) Company Limited, which will benefit in branding and the diversity development of business in future.

In July 2012, established Chu Kong High Speed Ferry Co., Ltd. (“CKHSF”) to operate the waterway high speed ferry routes between Hong Kong and Macau. CKHSF manages to operate 6 routes between Hong Kong and Macau, 14 ferries with 24 hours non-stop services.

In November 2012, Chu Kong Passenger Transport Company Limited (“CKPT”), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, entered into the Cooperation Agreement with One Media (HK) Limited (“One Media”). Pursuant to the Cooperation Agreement, CKPT and One Media would jointly establish a new company, Chu Kong Culture Media Company Limited (“CKCM”), in which CKPT holds 60% equity interest and One Media holds 40% equity interest. The total investment amount is HK$20,000,000. CKCM would incorporate a new company in Hong Kong, Connect Media Company Limited (“CMC”), for developing the high-speed passenger transportation advertisement business.
In May 2011, CKSG and CKSE entered into an assets swap agreement, pursuant to which CKSG sold 100% interest of Chu Kong Infrastructure Investment Limited to CKSE and CKSG acquired 100% interest of CKS Container Terminal (Zhuhai Doumen) Co., Ltd and 25% interest of  Zhong Shan Port Goods Transportation United Co., Ltd from CKSE. The assets swap would benefit in strengthen the core business of CKSG and improve the foundation of its profitability.

In June 2011, CKSG and CKSE entered into a management agreement, pursuant to which CKSG agreed to provide custody services to CKSE for its 8 subsidiaries and CKSE would pay CKSG the management fees. The key assets in the management agreement were Yuet Hing Marine Supplies, Sun Kong Petroleum, China Hong Kong Macau Duty Free Goods and Nan Sha Logisitcs Parks etc. Asset management was a good measure for CKSE to support the development and growth of CKSG, and showed a clear signal to the market of the injection of its parent company's assets.
In March 2010, CKSG acquired Chu Kong Passenger.  The injection of the passenger business from parent company to CKSG increased the profitability of the listed company and introduced new impetus into the development of CKSG.
In April 2010, CKSG further acquired 20.54% equity interest in Zhaoqing New Port, increased to 77%.  The company obtained the approval as category-2 in May 2010 which would bring new foreign-trade cargo business to the company.
In July 2010, CKSG entered into a strategic cooperation framework agreement with China Merchant Holdings.  Both parties will make use of the resources to carry out comprehensive cooperation; the parties will jointly establish a premier integrated logistics services system as well as a feeder-carrier-linked port transportation system that is core in hub and supported by the category-2 port in the Pearl River Delta region. Such systems can enhance the integrated competitiveness of the Parties to maximize the shareholders’ value.
In August 2010, CKSG acquired 75% equity interest in Civet (Zhuhai Bonded Area) Logistics Company Limited to operate Civet Port in Zhuhai.  This acquisition has meaningful significance to CKSG in improving the network coverage of inland river terminals and market share in the Zhuhai area.
In January 2009, CKSG acquired Zhaoqing Mafang Port (renamed as Sihui Port thereafter) and promoted the re-opening of “renewable resources” business of the port.  The development of Sihui Port had been gained momentum by signing a long-term contract with Sihui Resources Industrial Park.

In June 2009, Dawang vehicle inspection centre which is established by CKSG in Zhaoqing Gaoxin district commenced business.

In December 2009, CKSG entered into an agreement with Guangzhou Nansha Jianghai Coordinated Transport Co., Ltd. in forming a joint venture company named Guangzhou Nansha Chu Kong Terminal Co., Ltd which represented a relatively significant strategic development in the “Second Seaside Port” as devotedly promoted by CKSG in South China region.
In June 2008, CKSG acquired 39.17% equity interest in Zhaoqing Kangzhou Port which becoming the wholly-owned port of CKSG. The renovation and expansion works had been implemented so as to improve the handling capacity.

In July 2008, CKSG established Zhongshan City Huangpu Port Cargo and Container Terminal Co., Ltd. for developing Huangpu Port.

In December 2008, CKSG acquired 56.46% equity interest in Zhaoqing New Port which has geographical and infrastructure advantages; as one of the 28 inner river hubs in the PRC and the only major terminal facilitated with river-sea, water-inland, railway union transportation functions in Southern China region.  After the acquisition, in order to lay foundation for the port’s business development and growth, CKSG had actively promoted the acceptance and commencement works of Zhaoqing New Port to be a category-2 port.
In May 2007, CKSG placed 150 million new shares with a price of HKD 2.15 per share, and raised HKD 313.5 million. This placing was supported ardently by the institutional investors and introduced several world famous funds as the shareholders. This is another successful capital operation in the capital market of Hong Kong after its being listed in 1997.
In September 2007, CKSG acquired 100% equity interest in Zhaoqing Gaoyao Port which becoming the first wholly-owned port of CKSG in Zhaoqing District.
CKSG established 2 companies engaging in logistics and river trade terminal operation respectively in Zhaoqing Dawang Hitech Zone on 16 Jan, 2006. CKSG has invested RMB 29 million to purchase 400 mu land in total as the reserve for the future development. This investment is much significant for CKSG to develop the market in west Delta Region, especially Zhaoqing Region.

On 18 January 2006, CKSG purchased the equity related with cargo transport of Heshan Port Construction and Development Co., Ltd except for the passenger transport and tax-free product business with RMB 10.2 million. CKSG made use of this opportunity to reconstruct the management and business framework of Heshan port and reinforce the internal management and external development capacity.
In January 2005, CKSG established Chu Kong Cargo Terminals (Beicun) Co., Ltd., of which CKSG  held 50% equity, and further reformed the container business of the terminal. In 2005, Chu Kong

Transshipment & Logistics Co., Ltd put up the celebration ceremony for the container transportation volumn exceeding 400,000 TEU, and invited the representatives of each port in the Delta to celebrate this historical moment together. This indicates that CKSG is in the leadership status in terms of the river container transportation market. The container transportation volumn of CKSG in 2005 was 477, 436 TEU.
In January 2004, CKSG bid 49% equity of Pearl Cargo Transportation (Gaoming) Ltd, it was the important layout of logistics network of CKSG in the Pearl River Delta Region. Hence the company has the river trade terminal operated independently in the Pearl River Delta Region, and it can introduce its mature management concept to Gaoming Terminal has contributed a profit of HKD6.76 million to CKSG in the year being purchased.

In November 2004, CKSG established Chu Kong Logistics ( Singapore) Pte. Ltd. together with Singapore Eng Kong Holdings. This is the first step for CKSG to build its overseas network.

In 2004, CKSG purchases 75% equity of Chu Kong International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd, which had the largest marketing network in the Pearl River Delta Region. The purchase of this company increases the market control strength of CKSG in the Pearl River Delta Region.
In May 2003, CKSG purchased the former GD Real Estate Tower together with the parent company and renamed it to Chu Kong Shipping Tower. The purchase of Chu Kong Shipping Tower is a new landmark of CKSG, then the company will have the office building named after in Hong Kong, which promotes the integral image of CKSG sharply.

In order to change the loss status of Shenzhen Yantian Port Chu Kong Logistics Co., Ltd, CKSG  reconstructed the equity structure and introduced the new investor. The new management adjusted the business scope of the company, optimized the resource allocation and acquired obvious achievement. Shenzhen Yantian Port Chu Kong Logistics Co., Ltd will provide sustaining investment revenue for CKSG.
In February 2002, CKSG and 4 subsidiaries were granted the ISO9001:2000 quality certificate issued by British Standards institution and it indicates that the service and management level of CKSG has been confirmed by the authoritative institution, which has great promotion to the improvement of integral competitive force of the company.

In November 2002, CKSG invested HKD 14.245 million to establish Qingyuan Zhu Chuan Harbor Business Ltd together with Qingyuan Shipping Company. Till then CKSG would have the equity of 9 river trade terminal in the Pearl River Delta Region and become the largest river trade terminal operator in the Pearl River Delta Region.
On 25 September 2001, Chu Kong Development made five conditional purchase agreements with the parent company to purchase 25% equity of Guangdong Sanbu Passenger and Freight Transportation Co., Ltd, 25% equity of Pearl Cargo Transportation (Gaoming) Ltd, 30% equity of Sanshui Sangang Container Wharf Co. Ltd, 25% equity of Nanhai Export and import Storage and Transportation Ltd and 25% equity of Foshan New Port Co., Ltd. The total purchase price was HKD 52.28 million. This purchase will make for the development of CKSG in Pearl River Delta river transportation market and acquire the cooperation benefit.
In December 2000, CKSG purchased the equity of Chu Kong Air-Sea Union Transportation Co., Ltd. from the parent company. This item is licensed by Hong Kong Administration of International Airport to manage the ocean shipping terminal of Hong Kong International Airport and provide the water transport service for the airfreight from Hong Kong airport and Pearl River Delta Region. This method is the new transport concept in the world, and has attracted much attention from the integral logistics society of Hong Kong. CKSG introduces Hong Kong Airfreight Service Co., Ltd with abundant strength in airfreight business as the strategic shareholder of air-sea union transportation to develop this new market together.